Jenniferisms to Tweet About Life

Jenniferisms to Tweet About Life

Want to share Jennifer's wisdom? We continually add these Jenniferism's to tweet about life so that you can share the Wide Awakening. October 2014 “True freedom is not about changing your circumstances so you can feel comfortable. True freedom happens when you can dance with any rules, people, or circumstances without fear.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable) “Infinite Wisdom will put you in situations where you can be of the most assistance either to humanity or to yourself. What is in the … [Read more...]

Thank You for Having the Courage to Be You!

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, March 3, 2015: "On behalf of those who asked for you to go before them, as they were not yet able, thank you for the courage to lay the bricks for their path."  (Tweet Tweet!) ~ Jennifer Hough There are those whom we don't even know, who helped pave the road we are walking. They knew not how the inspiration came, nor where they found the courage, nor why they knew the words to use. To be blunt, YOU, my dear, are the way-maker for all those who are … [Read more...]

The Key to Freedom

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, Feb. 18, 2015 "Carrying others looks like worry. 'Carrying yourself' is the act of engaging life as though the entire Universe does not exist as you and for you, that it does not have your back and that you are alone and therefore have to worry about every little thing."  ~ Jennifer Hough This is the year of ending any of the carrying of others or yourself, which many don't quite understand. Here are some questions that will give you a clue as to whether you … [Read more...]

The Power of a Re-Direct

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, Feb. 4, 2015: "What if there is no such thing as struggle, only redirection by the entire Universe?" ~ Jennifer Hough Let me tell you, one of the most challenging times in my life is happening right now. It doesn't matter what it is. What matters is that, if I took it on personally, it would cause me to be so stressed I would not be able to function. The good thing is ... I know that anything that happens that is perceptively hard is actually the Universe … [Read more...]

Most people’s issue is the receiving, not the asking

From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Weds, Jan 21, 2015: "When you open your heart to be seen, you not only let yourself out, you also let the entire Universe in." ~ Jennifer Hough Did you know that all the Universe wants is your thriving, and — by the way — the Universe is in you, of you and around you? Did you know that your Guides and Angels thrive on your willingness to NOT do it alone? Do you think they get fat eating donuts, waiting for your call (LOL)? Did you know that making yourself … [Read more...]

How to transcend fear

From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Weds, Jan 14, 2015: "Have a love affair with the unknown and you'll be free. Then life will become an adventure instead of something to survive." ~ Jennifer Hough I've been doing work on our upcoming Love Awakening Workshop. It's allowing me to look at what changed within me, that I became vulnerable enough to find the love and intimacy I had always dreamed of..... Here are some thoughts: I became willing to fall in love with myself, as I am, … [Read more...]

How’d ya like a little more freedom in your life?

From the Wide Awakening Monthly, Weds, Jan 7, 2015: "Freedom comes when you no longer rebel against anything that you perceive is stopping you. You simply stop engaging the illusion that anything could." ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable) Oh, all the roles and responsibilities that come with living on this planet! Most... or, were I to be bold, I would say all... of them were never created by you in the first place. They came from cultures, religions and habits that originated long before you were … [Read more...]

This may change the way you start 2015

From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Friday, Jan 2, 2015: A Message from the Collective Cosmic Support Team: The Deeper Parts of Your Ego Are Up To Leave. Have ya noticed? Have you? Buttons being pushed, chains being yanked, nerves being stepped on ... ... ... Are some of them yours?   This time of year is such a beautiful thing. It is an opportunity for change, if you are paying attention, and apparently our Collective Cosmic Support Team is. What is spurring this love note? Five dear friends … [Read more...]

Just in case you had any doubt in your mind

Just in case you had any doubt in your mind

From the WideAwakeningWeekly, Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014 You are opening quantum doors ... "It is impossible to leave anyone behind during this Awakening, as we are all swimming in the same quantum soup. If one changes, we all change." ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable) Hi there, gorgeous, I remember thinking years ago, after watching some family members going through a rough time, that I needed to help them. That it was important for me to carry them in order for them to be happier. It upset me … [Read more...]

This Awakening might shake some trees

This Awakening might shake some trees

Or, maybe not? From The Wide Awakening Weekly, December 2, 2015 Politics and Awakening... "It would be nice to see the 'We Do What Expands Compassion and Abundance (regardless of liberal or conservative affiliation)' political party.." ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable) Hi there, I'm the last person to engage people on the subject of politics, as it's like talking about religion. These are subjects that polarize people from each other. Attachment to an ideology leaves us confined and … [Read more...]

Are you truly receiving all that life has to offer you? xoxo Jennifer

From The Wide Awakening Weekly Nov. 26, 2014 Will the REAL you come out and play? "Everything is truly coming to you. What you actually see, however, depends on how many filters you have running in the background." ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable) Hi there, Sometimes we make the mistake that... what we think is "just our personality" is actually a protective way of being. You know, like being aloof, or independent, or capable, or invulnerable. Any of those ring a bell? When we have … [Read more...]