Jenniferisms to Tweet About Life

Jenniferisms to Tweet About Life

Want to share Jennifer's wisdom? We continually add these Jenniferism's to tweet about life so that you can share the Wide Awakening. October 2014 “True freedom is not about changing your circumstances so you can feel comfortable. True freedom happens when you can dance with any rules, people, or circumstances without fear.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable) “Infinite Wisdom will put you in situations where you can be of the most assistance either to humanity or to yourself. What is in the … [Read more...]

Come and play with us…

"Consider that chasing achievements, in and of itself, is a distraction from our true purpose. Our goals are simply excuses to go on the journey, so you can have experiences and people to enjoy, while creating upon Creation." ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!) We met this incredible lady while we were in Maui. Rowdi is 20 years old. She is 62.5% native Hawaiian, and one of only two native Hawaiians among the hundred or so tour guides in Maui. We met her on the water in a kayak at Makenna … [Read more...]

Slow down…

"Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up." ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!) There have been waves of upgrades from consciousness this month! Remember that when your life, or your body, is asking you to slow down in order to further speed up, just say "YES," so you can "catch up to yourself." If we don't resist it, the new normal is a great change which always further blesses us with more fluidity. For a juicy dive into that journey, come join me in Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Health and … [Read more...]

This set me free, truly!

"What if health were a birthright you remember, and not a pursuit for the worthy who earned it?" ~ Jennifer Hough(Tweet me!) For 10 years, I ran one of the largest nutrition practices here in Canada. Why? Because I was passionate about cleansing, the "right food," the "right exercise plan," and assisting people to do the same. But, read on... my passion changed. Nutrition probably saved my life after a serious toxic exposure (which was serious enough that I would be willing to look at a … [Read more...]

The Awakening Message for 2016

The Awakening Message for 2016

Wide Awakening Radio The Awakening Message for 2016 Episode #172 Original Air Date: 1-6-16 This month's radio show was essential listening to get prepared for the energies of "allowing yourself to fully be seen" this year.  Please listen a few times! This call was all about giving you the tools, so your foundation for 2016 and every year after will be based on far less resistance.  It's time for us all to thrive, but the body has to line up with it's been lifetimes in … [Read more...]

It’s your time to THRIVE!

"Thriving involves expanding into life while looking for blessings and how to contribute, instead of simply trying to avoid suffering by changing your circumstances." ~ Jennifer Hough I got food poisoning on my romantic trip in Maui (so did my sweetie). It was very, very, very yucky. Leading up to the trip, I knew that life was asking me to slow down. Well, mission accomplished! So much space was created; space not filled with “to do’s” and agendas. There was just a lot of love and … [Read more...]

Ever feel frustrated you’re not “there” yet?

"Life changes when you make the goal heartfelt enjoyment, versus reaching expectations." ~ Jennifer Hough One of the places I see expectations arise is in "Flight School,"™ our year long program. What happens within that program is so much more expansive than what our eyes can see in 3D. The impact of insights and paradigm shifts discovered during the course of the program, plays out in all areas of the participants’ lives. Never do I see how much expectations can sabotage a perfectly … [Read more...]

Have you forgotten you’re not alone?

"Your feelings of being overwhelmed are temporary until you remember you were not, are not, and will never be, alone. Ask; they’re waiting." ~ Jennifer Hough I don’t know about you, but I got humbled as we entered the new year, by seeing all sorts of “old protective ways” show themselves (and leave, phew!). My body would tense up, the beautiful barometer that it is, so I found myself needing to take walks outside to "reset." And if I didn’t... boom, overwhelm hit. Next time you … [Read more...]

Why we teach what we teach…

"Are we waking up to ourselves, or are our "true" selves waking us up from within? What if that level of freedom, direct connection, and expansive prosperity has always been there; our birthright? What if it wasn’t so much work?" ~ Jennifer Hough I love having philosophical conversations with my parents; they feel the shifts, too (how cool). I have a question, though: what if this is not something that we have to learn, what if it's something we are being called to remember? The way … [Read more...]

Life is not about avoiding hurts

Life is not about avoiding hurts

"Life is not about avoiding hurts. Life is about the freedom to enjoy every aspect, without limits." ~ Jennifer Hough SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, it's about going from the jail of protection, to operating from an entirely different paradigm. Up until very recently, all of us as humans have been living in a reality that has been dog-eat-dog. The perception has been that there is limited love, limited good people, limited resources, limited success, and so on. So we have, from this … [Read more...]

An act of love, or a cry for love…

"Identities develop in response to several things: 1) The perception that we need to protect ourselves from hurtful things that have happened in our past, 2) the need to fit in, or 3) wanting to be loved. Give the gift this holiday season of the real YOU beyond your identities." ~ Jennifer Hough Dear You - Have you noticed that those who are related to you tend to respond to you much like you used to be, or like their assessment of how you used to be? That can seem difficult … [Read more...]